Not worth the paper it’s printed on!

Local papers are often referred to as rags, with allusions made that they might be better used for loo roll than for reputable information. Lyme Regis Town Council had to issue an apology recently after a prank took this literally and saw an article in the local paper used as loo roll.

An unknown prankster replaced the loo roll in the town hall with copies of the local paper, View From Lyme Regis; his motives are thought to be a tad more comical than providing a temporary measure until the council could order more mini jumbo toilet rolls.

Furthermore, the cheeky switch was made right before a council meeting which the Editor Phillip Evans was attending. The meeting was adjourned after the prank was brought to light.

The council is reported as saying: “We were appalled when sheets from the View From Lyme Regis, cut and hung in a bundle onto the radiator as though toilet paper, were discovered in the Guildhall toilet on the evening of the full council meeting on Wednesday 31 July. As mayor, together with town clerk John Wright, I have apologised to the editor of the paper.”

It is also thought that members of the public may also have seen the “toilet paper” as they had access to the facilities. In a tongue in cheek move, the newspaper published a story about the prank as part of the meeting.

Unfortunately, there are always those who resort to toilet humour!


What Should You Know About Cleaning Supply Storage

Almost every home owner has some cleaning supplies stored somewhere in the house. Cleaning items are in fact an integral part of every place where people live or spend time. Whether it is a residential house, café, restaurant or an office, cleaning supplies such as pink hand soap, couch rolls etc. will be found stored at the property in several ways. However, not storing the cleaning supplies in the right way can cause the owners or cleaning staff problems in a long term, thus it is really essential that the supplies are stored appropriately.

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How To: Make Your Own Liquid Hand Soap

After using My Hygiene Supplies gorgeous perfumed pink hand soap, you may be wondering how you can make your own sweet smelling soap! In this article we will look at how you can customise and create your very own liquid hand soap.

First of all, you need a base bar soap to be one of the main smells of your liquid soap, so choose carefully as you don’t want anything too ghastly or overpowering as you may want to add in other ingredients later. It is always a good idea to carefully think through what the purpose of your soap will be, for example if you want to formulate a new body wash then consider using moisturising soaps to ensure that it leaves your skin feeling soft and fresh.

After you have selected your base soap, grate the bar of soap into a bowl. You will need to use a fine cheese grater to ensure that the scraps will melt quickly in the next step. You should have at least 1 cup of soap flakes, any less and you may not have enough to go around so consider grating another bar of soap.

Next, pour out a cup of boiling water and transfer both the water and the soap flakes into a blender or alternatively boil on the stove for an easy-to-clean option. Once the water has been boiled and the flakes added, it’s time to exercise that cooking arm! Continue to whip the soap and water until the two take on the consistency of paste, this is when you know it is time to advance to the next stage.

You then need to add Glycerin to the pasty mixture, if you don’t already have this ingredient, you will need to purchase it from your local store before you can continue. Glycerin acts as an effective moisturiser for the skin and will make your liquid soap a little easier on the body than a regular bar of hand soap. Mix in just a tablespoon of glycerin and stir the mixture until it is completely combined.

If you wish to style your liquid soap after My Hygiene Supplies’ pink hand soap, then try looking on the back of the bottle to see what additional ingredients are available for you to buy and add to your mixture. If you wish to enhance the quality of your liquid soap, then consider popping in a couple of the following:

  • You could mix in lotion or money to help add moisture
  • Lavender essential and tea tree oil will make your soap naturally antibacterial
  • To change the colour of your soap, simply add a few drops of natural food colouring, however it is advised to avoid using chemical-based colouring as this is harmful for your skin to absorb
  • Essential oil will help to add to the scent of the soap

If you have not yet got the right consistency for your soap, try adding a little bit of water and whipping until you find the ideal texture.

Finally, pour your newly-made soap into various pretty containers, you can even decorate these if you like to add to the appeal of the soap.

Enjoy and share your liquid hand soap with your family and friends so you can all smell fresh, clean and divine!

Pink Hand Soap

People in their everyday lives wash their hands from soap to remove multiple types of pathogen including bacteria and viruses from their skin. This practice prevents them from beings victims of several types of diseases like chicken pox, measles and influenza. Some medicinal soap’s efficiently serve this purpose but in the process they tend to damage the texture of one’s skin making it dry and rough.

Soap plays such an important role in the maintenance of one’s hygiene that in today’s market there are various types of soap available. These soap offer expertise in the maintenance of either cleanliness or beauty.

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Soothing The Dyslexic Mind

Crowned the designer of the year, Henry Franks has designed a rather unique collection of dyslexic based household objects which aim to explain and reflect the inner workings of his mind.

Included in his collection are upside down inverted mugs, an elevated coaster, a pen pot which is designed to hold only two pens at a time and a double hooked coat hanger, not to mention a toilet seat with a loo roll holder already attached to help any dyslexic person find their mini jumbo toilet rolls a lot easier.

Mr Franks created this collection to express the common traits of dyslexia and apply them to objects; an example of this would be his one-of-a-kind assortment of inverted mugs which were designed to express his personal problems with reading letters. Not only are these mugs brilliantly irreplaceable, they are also incredibly practical as they can keep tea and coffee hotter for much longer as well as ensuring a more balanced, stable experience for people suffering with dyslexia.

The aim of this collection was to create a range of products which successfully utilise the common characteristics of dyslexia to supply emotionally engaging alternatives to the bleak world of modern contemporary objects.

The creative designer also has another theory to help from the dyslexic mind. His collection consists of a beautifully carved penguin doorstep as he believes that by giving inanimate objects an emotional function that it will help soothe the dyslexic mind.

How To Remove Tough Carpet Stains

Carpet stains are a real nuisance and can really ruin the aesthetic appeal of a home and its splendid décor.

A key to removing even the toughest stains from carpets is to think and act quickly so that the stain does not soak up inside the carpet and get to the bottom where it will become even tougher to remove. The toughest carpet stains to remove are wine, blood and pet urine. Whether you want to remove an old stain or you have a new stain that needs to be treated. Listed below is the method of how you can remove even the toughest of carpet stains.

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Being Careful with Cleaning supplies is Always a Wise Idea

Safety should always be a priority while handling cleaning supplies. Unfortunately too many people are not aware how to avoid injuries in those situations. It has been proven by a number of research reports that not all the cleaning supplies are safe to use without following safety measures. So if you didn’t know this, here’s some information to help you understand the harm some of the cleaning supplies can bring you.

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