Is There A Link Between Height And Hygiene?

The best stages of being a mother are often watching your child grow and blossom into a beautiful, mature man or woman that will greet you with open arms to show gratitude to how much you’ve supported and provided during their childhood. In the very early stages of childhood, say 1-5, it is imperative that children get all the nutrients they need to develop without any concerns and until now the ability to naturally grow was down to a healthy diet and regular exercise which indeed do contribute to an improved lifestyle.

However, recent research has shown that good hygiene could also be another contributing factor to healthy growth spurts and gradual growth throughout your child’s life and could even add as much as half a centimetre to an under five. Amazingly, this study has shown hope that it could be used to help to prevent conditions that affect a child’s ability to grow, otherwise defined as ‘stunted growth’.

By simply improving the overall quality of the water you bathe in and selecting an appropriate soap, such as pink hand soap, to fulfil your daily sanitation needs could help children grow taller by reducing the risk of a gut infection which would otherwise directly affect the number of necessary nutrients currently being absorbed. Should this technique prove successful, it has been thought to have the ability to lessen the prevalence of stunted growth which is estimated to be found in over 165 million children worldwide by an incredible 15%.

Stunted growth is an irreversible condition that affects both the mental and physical development of a person, typically a child, and can have damaging effects in later life. Sadly the burden of malnutrition is the cause of up to 3.1 million deaths per year, many of which have not even reached their fifth birthday and is also a major cause of stunted growth. By significantly reducing the percentage of sufferers through this alternative, it could help lead underdeveloped countries onto a brighter future.

In addition, it is believed that providing children in poorer countries with clean water, basic sanitation essentials and a gateway to better hygiene overall is a fantastic way to begin to eliminate disease-related deaths  such as diarrhoea which still remains the third biggest killer of 0-5 year olds across the world.


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