Student Notes


Being a student can be hard and there are often things that your parents do for you that you do not even realise – things like getting toilet roll so there is always some available. In the big wide world of student accommodation your mum is no longer around to do that for you so you need to get it yourself.

It may be wise to consider purchasing toilet roll in bulk, maybe have a look at purchasing a box of mini jumbo toilet rolls once a month as these will last longer and will be less likely to run out so quick. You could add it on for the cost of bills and rent. This way the additional toilet rolls could be ordered at the beginning of the month and will last you through until the next month when more will be reordered.

Sometimes, as a student it’s a pretty busy life so the towel in the bathroom you use to dry your hands gets wet and manky after a few weeks and stays this way until you move out. Why not consider getting some Blue Centrefeed, this is the blue roll you may find in pub toilets.

You could buy some blue centrefeed rolls for your kitchen too – they are really cheap and absorbent making them ideal for cleaning up spillages and messes in the kitchen!


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