Not worth the paper it’s printed on!

Local papers are often referred to as rags, with allusions made that they might be better used for loo roll than for reputable information. Lyme Regis Town Council had to issue an apology recently after a prank took this literally and saw an article in the local paper used as loo roll.

An unknown prankster replaced the loo roll in the town hall with copies of the local paper, View From Lyme Regis; his motives are thought to be a tad more comical than providing a temporary measure until the council could order more mini jumbo toilet rolls.

Furthermore, the cheeky switch was made right before a council meeting which the Editor Phillip Evans was attending. The meeting was adjourned after the prank was brought to light.

The council is reported as saying: “We were appalled when sheets from the View From Lyme Regis, cut and hung in a bundle onto the radiator as though toilet paper, were discovered in the Guildhall toilet on the evening of the full council meeting on Wednesday 31 July. As mayor, together with town clerk John Wright, I have apologised to the editor of the paper.”

It is also thought that members of the public may also have seen the “toilet paper” as they had access to the facilities. In a tongue in cheek move, the newspaper published a story about the prank as part of the meeting.

Unfortunately, there are always those who resort to toilet humour!


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