Soothing The Dyslexic Mind

Crowned the designer of the year, Henry Franks has designed a rather unique collection of dyslexic based household objects which aim to explain and reflect the inner workings of his mind.

Included in his collection are upside down inverted mugs, an elevated coaster, a pen pot which is designed to hold only two pens at a time and a double hooked coat hanger, not to mention a toilet seat with a loo roll holder already attached to help any dyslexic person find their mini jumbo toilet rolls a lot easier.

Mr Franks created this collection to express the common traits of dyslexia and apply them to objects; an example of this would be his one-of-a-kind assortment of inverted mugs which were designed to express his personal problems with reading letters. Not only are these mugs brilliantly irreplaceable, they are also incredibly practical as they can keep tea and coffee hotter for much longer as well as ensuring a more balanced, stable experience for people suffering with dyslexia.

The aim of this collection was to create a range of products which successfully utilise the common characteristics of dyslexia to supply emotionally engaging alternatives to the bleak world of modern contemporary objects.

The creative designer also has another theory to help from the dyslexic mind. His collection consists of a beautifully carved penguin doorstep as he believes that by giving inanimate objects an emotional function that it will help soothe the dyslexic mind.


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