How To Remove Tough Carpet Stains

Carpet stains are a real nuisance and can really ruin the aesthetic appeal of a home and its splendid décor.

A key to removing even the toughest stains from carpets is to think and act quickly so that the stain does not soak up inside the carpet and get to the bottom where it will become even tougher to remove. The toughest carpet stains to remove are wine, blood and pet urine. Whether you want to remove an old stain or you have a new stain that needs to be treated. Listed below is the method of how you can remove even the toughest of carpet stains.

Pour cold water where the stain lies in the carpet in order to moisten and soften the stain a bit. Take at least five pieces of paper towels, fold them up and blot them where the stain is. Press with the paper towel against the stain with force in order to absorb all the water. When the paper towels get really damp, replace them with a new one. Do not use friction on the stain and do not rub as it will just spread the stain onto a bigger area.

Create a mixture of three quarters of vinegar mixed with one quarter of warm water. Add that mixture inside of a spray bottle. Add the mixture thoroughly and apply it onto the stain and let it rest for a good five to ten minutes.

Get a dry cloth and then blot up the vinegar solution from the carpet. Repeat the same procedure until the stain has been removed completely. Make sure that you use a dry cloth each time, if the cloth becomes wet then replace it with a new dry cloth for the desired results and a stain free carpet.


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