Does A Hand Dryer, Dry Hands?

auto hand dryer

We all know that the hand dryers in the toilets or rest rooms across the United Kingdom rarely dry people’s hands. Most users end up standing under the hand dryer for quite a few minutes only to walk away with wet hands. Using toilet roll to dry them on or rubbing wet hands on the trouser are also popular alternatives.

The problem with this is that the customers of your rest room are wasting the energy and electricity to ‘not’ dry their hands and then they may use lots of your toilet roll to dry their hands as well. Generally speaking, automatic hand dryers are a waste of space, money and electricity in most cases.

Now, you have three options of actions. Option One – do not change anything about your automatic hand dryer, keep wasting money. Option Two – purchase some cheap couch rolls so that customers can use lots of toilet roll paper to dry your hands. Option Three – buy a lot of blue centrefeed roll. These can be put in a dispenser by the hand washing sinks; it is a cheap solution keeping both you and your customers happy at the same time.


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