Air-Dryer VS Paper Towels

We all use both air-dryers and paper towels. However, the use of air-dryer commonly applies to the use of public facilities and rarely used in homes.

There are a lot of differences between air-dryers and paper towels and we have highlighted these below.

First off, many people say that air-dryers are a less expensive option to dry hands. However, it is not true. Air-dryers function using electricity and electricity costs you money. Plus these air-dryers aren’t very cheap to buy in the first place. You have to also hire a professional to install one of these dryers in your bathroom; also costs money. Paper towels on the other hand are a lot cheaper, especially if they are bought in bulk quantity.

According to some researchers, air-dryers are best for the green concerns. They say that these dryers are a more environment friendly option than the paper towels, which is not something a lot of people would agree with. Imagine drying your hands with an air dryer instead of wiping them off with a paper towel leaving germs on the skin. Paper towels wipe away all of the germs and dispose of them in the bins provided.

Paper towels are a way better option of drying hands than the air-dryers. There are various kinds of paper towels available to chose from in various colours, sizes, shapes and designs and every individual can select the ones that suit them the most. Air-dryers on the other hand don’t offer anything special that paper towels don’t.


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