Where Are The Worlds Worst Washrooms?


News of the top three worst washrooms in the world has been announced and it is not a pretty site, in fact it’s a pretty stinky list and it’s put me off using their toilets!

In at Number One is The International Space Station, there is a fan suction that delivers waste from the toilet into bags that are placed in storage until returned to land. The problem is that this suction system can often not work and has to be fixed in space by astronauts in zero-gravity conditions – I am sure you can imagine how much of a problem this could be, hence their position in the worlds worst toilets.

Next up are the toilets of a nuclear submarine, the Navy are well known for their hygiene but the washroom floors of a nuclear submarine are not as clean as you would hope due to the high pressure. It is probably recommended that you don’t go to the toilet on deep sea dives either due to pressure on the vehicles hull which can result in the door to the toilets being unable to open or close.

Finally we have the toilets on the train, you will often be able to find the toilets on the train when you see two empty carriages – this means the toilet is between these carriages and already smells ‘ripe’. It is hard to keep your balance on a moving train so there are spillages and the toilet is often blocked – this is why the train toilets are in the top 3 worst toilets in the world.

If you want to make sure you are never listed in the worst toilets of the world then make sure you get onto the My Hygiene Supplies website and get your Pink Hand Soap, Blue Centrefeed and stock up on the Cheap Couch Rolls along with many other cleaning products.


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