Organise Your Cleaning Supplies

organising cleaning supplies

If organising cleaning supplies feels like the world’s most difficult job to you, you need to learn about a number of pointers. You should first understand that organising cleaning supplies is not a very difficult job. All you need to do is to learn how to get the job done in the right manner. Here is a little instructional guide that would tell you how to organise your cleaning supplies in the easiest yet fastest manner:

Chose a High/Locked Location

First thing to do is to find a high location for the storage of your supplies. If you don’t have an off-ground spot; a lockable cabinet or a closet’s top shelf would do the trick. However, you should make sure that this storage point is away from all the foods and dishes. Some cleaning agents are highly dangerous for the human health and they shouldn’t get into the food.

medical_red_thermometer_2The Temperature Should Be Right

You have to also make sure that the storage room should be cool enough for the supplies to not get affected even in the hottest weather. You should know that a lot of cleaning agents are combustible, and will expire faster if are stored in hot areas. So keep them away from vents and furnaces etc. You can place a fan on top of the supplies’ containers to maintain the room temperature.

Don’t Remove the Original Labels

You should, in all cases, keep the original labels on the cleaning supplies. This would help you refrain from mixing any agents together or using wrong agents on the wrong places and damaging your expensive assets. This would also let you keep a track of the supplies in an easier manner.

Organise Them Using Individual Crates and Labels

You would need to purchase individual crates for various types of cleaning supplies. You should also buy labels to place on the crates or on the shelves when required. You should organise your supplies in a way that all the related products should be close to each other. For example, you should keep window and glass cleaners together, wood cleaners and bathroom cleaners together and so on. This would help you locate the supplies in a faster way.

Rinse Each Cleaning Supply after Usage

dish_cloth430x300Once you have used a cleaning supply, you should clean it up with a piece of cloth or rinse with water and then put back in the storage. A lot of times residue is left on the bottles or drips from the nozzle, so it’s best to wash the bottle thoroughly to ensure complete cleanliness. Simply wipe the bottles down with a wet towel or cloth or run them under the faucet and gently dry off.

If you follow each instruction precisely and make a habit of keeping it a routine, you would see that organising cleaning supplies isn’t a hassle anymore.


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