The House Work Exercise Class

Daily chores

If we are trying to loose weight we tend to go to the gym or hit the streets and go for a run, but let’s move our workout closer to the home – in fact, let’s move the workout into the home; doing the daily chores can help you to loose the calories that would otherwise hang around your body.

For example doing that overgrowing pile of plates, pots and pans that is waiting for you in the sink will help you loose weight and tone up. Scrubbing the contents of the sink for just half an hour will help you loose one hundred and sixty calories!

Sticking the dishes into the dishwasher will not help as much but if you do it continuously for half an hour (how many dirty plates do you have??), will help you loose 105 calories. It seems sometimes it is better to do it the old fashioned way, so grab the cleaning products Mopping-floorand get scrubbing.

Mopping the floors may be a much quicker and easier way to clean the floors but if you get down on your hands and knees not only will your floor be cleaner but you will also burn off around four hundred calories by using your cleaning supplies and cleaning the floor by hand.

Vacuuming the carpet is a great work out for the arms and can help towards loosing even more calories in your house work exercise class. You can loose up to one hundred and eighty calories during just one hour of vacuuming.

Cleaning all those worktops and tables may not be the best chore in the world but when ??????????????you know you are working off around fifty calories in half an hour, it can become a very worthwhile chore towards your loosing weight and toning up.

Don’t forget to swap arms throughout the chores or you will have one arm more toned than the other – if you want to look super slim and toned then grab your cleaning products and get to work with those household chores.


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