What to Consider While Purchasing Cleaning Supplies

Almost everybody purchases cleaning supplies for cleaning tasks of their home, office etc. The process of purchasing cleaning supplies doesn’t seem to be difficult because there are countless cleaning products available in the market to choose from. Each product’s label tells what the product does and for which cleaning task it is best. However, there are a number of factors that every cleaning supplies purchaser should consider while buying such products.

The first thing to consider while purchasing cleaning supplies is whether or not the product contains toxins in its ingredients. Yes, we do realise that various toxins make the cleaning job easier for people but the question you should ask yourself is do I need strong stain remover for cleaning my kitchen furniture, dishes and to wash hands? There are many areas of your home that don’t require strong products. In fact, such products can actually do harm to delicate surfaces. Thus you should avoid such products if you don’t require them.

If your skin is allergic to a particular chemical, disinfectant component etc. you should never buy a product that contains that element in it. You can easily avoid buying such products that can have a negative effect on your skin by reading the labels at the back of each product, such as pink hand soap. The labels at the back of a product can actually be very helpful. You can read the components used in a product to find out if it is single-duty or double-duty. If you choose your cleanser wisely, you can save money by buying lesser products that would help you complete multi-purpose tasks e.g. you can use a double-duty cleanser to use on the sink, tub and shower stall.

Lastly, a pair of rubber gloves is the best example of safety gear that you should always have in your home to use whenever cleaning.

Cleaning Supplies Tips and Tricks

Cleaning supplies are our saviours. No matter if it’s the kitchen cleaning task, bathroom cleaning mission or car washing duty, cleaning supplies are there to help us out getting the most difficult things done the easy way. However, a couple of smart tricks can give your cleaning tasks an effective boost and can save you from any problems.

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Is There A Link Between Height And Hygiene?

The best stages of being a mother are often watching your child grow and blossom into a beautiful, mature man or woman that will greet you with open arms to show gratitude to how much you’ve supported and provided during their childhood. In the very early stages of childhood, say 1-5, it is imperative that children get all the nutrients they need to develop without any concerns and until now the ability to naturally grow was down to a healthy diet and regular exercise which indeed do contribute to an improved lifestyle.

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Why Use Couch Rolls Over Cloth Sheets Or Towels?

Couch rolls or paper towels are great. They are definitely better than the cloth sheets or regular towels which is why more and more people prefer couch rolls over the traditional sheets and towels. However, if you don’t know what makes couch rolls superior to the regular cloth sheets or towels, you can find out below:

For A Complete Sanitisation

Couch rolls are used for a complete assurance of sanitisation as you get a fresh one each time you clean. This is better than using a cloth as it they can accumulate grime over time and are not 100% sanitary.

To Avoid Washing and Drying Tasks

Another reason to use couch rolls is that they save you from washing the cloth sheets every time you are done using them. This doesn’t only save you from putting unnecessary efforts of washing but saves your precious time too. All you have to do is to tear one sheet of couch roll, use it, wrap it up and dispose!

To Avoid Germ Transferring

What many people don’t know is that even a washed piece of cloth cannot be completely cleaned or germ-free. When a piece of cloth is washed using a detergent, it cleans the stains on the cloth but chemicals used in the detergent may not always be skin friendly for your kids. Using couch rolls, on the other hand, ensure that you get a clean sheet of paper every single time you want to cover, wrap or clean something.

Homemade Substitutions of Non-Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supplies

Though not every cleaning supply contains toxic elements there is still an abundance of products which are pretty harmful if used incorrectly. So if you are concerned about using chemical based cleaning products, here are some homemade substitutions to consider.

Baking Soda – It allows you to clean a number of surfaces effectively. Baking soda is also very useful when it comes to deodorising the kitchen, its surroundings or just any part of your house. Baking soda also softens water and help the scrubbing tasks that can easily be done using couch rolls.

Lemon – It is undoubtedly one of the best yet strongest food-acids which effectively tackles most household bacteria. You can look up on the internet to learn in how many ways you can use lemon to clean and completely sanitise your home.

White Vinegar – White vinegar is yet another cleaning substitution for those who want to ensure complete cleanliness as well as germ-free sanitisation in all parts of the house. White vinegar cuts grease, removes odour, mildew, stains, wax build-ups and so on.

Borax – Borax (sodium borate) can easily replace any cleaning liquids that many people use today. Borax is very effective when you need to clean, deodorise or disinfect just anything around your house and you wouldn’t have to wash your hands with pink hand soap afterwards.

You can use various homemade substitutions to ensure complete cleanliness and absolute germ-free environment for your family.

Storing Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies play a vital role in ensuring a healthy and hygienic family home. Whether it is a kitchen, bathroom or any other part of the house, you would have to keep it cleaned if you want your house to be sanitised and your family safe from all kinds of bacteria. Various kinds of bacteria cause different illnesses and the only way to ensure that you or your family members don’t fall sick is to keep your house clean and spotless.

Choosing the supplies for cleaning purposes seems like a very easy task. However, it is the trickiest part of the whole process. If you don’t believe it, ask the experts! There are tons of cleaning supplies available in the market to choose from. Some of them are extremely powerful, so powerful that they are in fact harmful to bare skin. This is why it is important to wash your hands with pink hand soap after you are finished using any cleaning chemicals.

You should keep all the cleaning chemicals including pink hand soap and multipurpose cleaner somewhere out of harms way in your house after use. In addition, make sure to use high quality supplies to reduce the risk to family members. Always make sure to store the cleaning supplies such as pink hand soap at room temperatures, preferably in a cupboard so that children cannot reach them.

Student Notes


Being a student can be hard and there are often things that your parents do for you that you do not even realise – things like getting toilet roll so there is always some available. In the big wide world of student accommodation your mum is no longer around to do that for you so you need to get it yourself.

It may be wise to consider purchasing toilet roll in bulk, maybe have a look at purchasing a box of mini jumbo toilet rolls once a month as these will last longer and will be less likely to run out so quick. You could add it on for the cost of bills and rent. This way the additional toilet rolls could be ordered at the beginning of the month and will last you through until the next month when more will be reordered.

Sometimes, as a student it’s a pretty busy life so the towel in the bathroom you use to dry your hands gets wet and manky after a few weeks and stays this way until you move out. Why not consider getting some Blue Centrefeed, this is the blue roll you may find in pub toilets.

You could buy some blue centrefeed rolls for your kitchen too – they are really cheap and absorbent making them ideal for cleaning up spillages and messes in the kitchen!